An Hour in Grand Central Terminal

We missed our Metro-North train upstate on a weekend in January, giving me the opportunity to float around Grand Central Terminal with some coffee and my camera.

I didn't plan on shooting this day, but that's something I love about the Fuji x100s. It's so small I can just carry it around in my jacket by default, and when the opportunity arises I have an awesome large-sensor camera with me.

For a while I've been wanting to build one of these narrative-style posts as seen on Exposure and Paul Stamatiou's site. Matt Mullenweg has been publishing some similar galleries with WordPress, too. Usually I look for individual photos that can stand on their own, but here I focused on collecting a series of shots that might work together on this page.

Our hour starts at the ticket counters in the Main Hall, as our train pulled away without us.

MTA Metro-North Ticket Counter
Grand Central from the main hall floor

We take the Long Island Rail Road a lot more often than Metro North. I wish Penn Station were this nice.

The clock atop the central information desk
Main Hall from the side

Apparently it's squash week. These courts for the JP Morgan Chase "Tournament of Champions" were set up in Vanderbilt Hall. This room used to be the main waiting area. Now it's usually home to special events.

JP Morgan Tournament of Champions JP Morgan Tournament of Champions

Grand Central Market

Nothing terribly interesting happening with the squash. Headed over to Grand Central Market to look for some food.

The entrance to Grand Central Market
Baguettes by the cheese counter in Grand Central Market Wedges of cheese in a basket in Grand Central Market

Main Hall, Again

Can't shoot Grand Central without getting up high on the staircases.

Main Hall from the East Balcony
Portrait of the Main Hall from the East Balcony Commuters underneath the American Flag near Vanderbilt Hall
Large windows above the East Balcony
New Haven Line board and ticket counter Track entrances
Clock at the central information desk, in front of the American flag

The Dining Concourse

And finally down to the dining concourse on the lower level for a few last shots before catching the next train.

Center of the Dining Concourse
Diners at Shake Shack on the Grand Central Terminal Dining Concourse Dining Concourse fixture Dishes food counter on the Dining Concourse
Entrance to the Grand Central Oyster Bar
Train departure times screen Ramp to the Oyster Bar entrance

This violin player was getting started at the top of the hour. I grabbed one last shot, tossed her a few dollars and headed for our track.

Violin player in Grand Central Terminal